Our all day entry fee entitles you to see both our shows!

Show Time!

10:30 AM and 1:30 PM Everyday!

Every day at both our show times our friendly and enthusiastic staff will spend around half an hour guiding you through our park at show time - join us as we feed our huge Crocodiles. We are most proud to show off some of our biggest crocs at feeding time, this is when you will see their true power and realise why they have a reputation as man-eaters! You will also have the very special opportunity to hold a real baby Crocodile - what a fantastic photo!

We are also happy to organise private shows or information events for groups planning to visit, please Contact Us and we would be happy to discuss how we can make your visit more enjoyable.

Feeding Time!

Marineland Melanesia Shows
Marineland Melanesia Shows

A crocodile's life revolves around it's ability to hunt and kill, they have a well deserved reputation for doing just that! Come and join us as we feed some of our massive crocs and you will truly understand why they are at the top of the food chain!
Witnessing a half ton croc launch itself out of the water to grab it's food with several tonnes per inch² of closing pressure is something you will never forget.

Marineland Melanesia Shows

Our entry fee allows all day entry, so join us for both shows as we feed different crocs all the time!

Marineland Melanesia Our Crocs

Cassius is fed regularly at our Shows, often George Craig (Croc hunter and founder of Marineland) likes to feed Cassius himself and you will be impressed by the special connection he has devoloped with this incredible animal after nearly 30 years of being his caretaker.

Meet Cuddles!

You will also have a special opportunity to handle our baby crocodile - 'Cuddles' - we have great packages available for those wishing to have a photo taken!

Marineland Melanesia Shows