Meet "Cassius", the largest Crocodile in captivity.

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Marineland Melanesia Cassius

While visiting Marineland Melanesia you will be able to witness for yourself Guniuess World Records holder Cassius! Who currently holds the record for 'LARGEST CROCODILE IN CAPTIVITY'. He is an absolute must see while on Green Island!


Size: 5.48 metres / 17 ft. 11.75 inches
Age: Minimum 110 Years
Weight: Greater than 1 Ton
Diet: Chicken, Fish, Pork, Island Visitors

Cassius is fed regularly at our Daily Feeding Shows, often George Craig (Croc hunter and founder of Marineland) likes to feed Cassius himself and you will be amazed by the special connection he has developed with this incredible animal after nearly 30 years of being his caretaker.

Based on his size, growth rate, condition and other factors we believe Cassius to be approximately 110 years (human years) old minimum.

This reputed man-eater is the largest crocodile ever caught alive in Australia, and to spite his age he is still very impressive to watch.

The chance to see Cassius is a once in a life time opportunity and you will leave with respect for this true living dinosaur!

Marineland Melanesia Cassius
Marineland Melanesia Cassius

Cassius was captured in 1984 in the Finis River, Northern Territory Australia. In 1987 George Craig trucked him over 3000 kilometres to Cairns and then ferry to Green Island, where he made Marineland Melanesia his new home. Cassius is the largest captive crocodile in the world and currently holds the Guinness World Record for this title.

Marineland Melanesia Cassius

Where Cassius was captured in the Finis River, he was the boss - all other creatures living nearby him would have known and feared him, this is evident from the various battle wounds and scars he carries as a reminder of his younger years living in the wild. He was also notorious for attacking boats and biting off outboard motors for lunch and it may be a spinning propellor that left his snout slightly shorter.

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Besides being big and tough, Cassius is a truly beautiful animal and his personality and appearance is unlike any other crocodile Just by gazing at him you can tell see he is wise in his old age - he is always calculating and would happily take you for morning tea.

Marineland Melanesia Cassius

Island visitors are one of Cassius' favourite snacks so he really looks forward to seeing you!

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